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Hello, I am Rakib Ruhel, Photographer, Web Designer, Speaker and is the most popular and owned journalists based online news daily and news agency which broadcast from United Kingdom. 21st February- Mohan vasha dibosh, is our first anniversary and we are proudly announces that jointly celebrate our first anniversary across the globe including London, France, Sylhet on the eve of 21st February 2014.

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    118 High Street, Brentford West London

  • Date of Birth:

    March 3

  • Place of Birth:

    London, United Kingdom

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    Bangla, English, German, French

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SEO Expert in Bangladesh
Adobe Photoshop
WEB Design and Development
Ideas Expert in bangladesh

UPcoming Software

NGO Loan,Deposit & Interest Management Monthly pay 1000tk order

NGO is an PHP & mySQL Based Web Application for multi purpose co-operative society. Its an strong platform for manage Loan, Deposite & Interest from 100% secure Backend.

Lawyer software Monthly pay 1000tk order

MyLawyer is a complete solution for searching Lawyers according to location and category. Users of this system can contact each lawyer by personal email for consultation.

Hotel Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Hotel Management System with booking management, Now Reservation is easy to book and commission free booking engine. Many features available like In-depth analysis,

Accounting, Business & Bookkeeping Software Monthly pay 1000tk order

Accounting software describes as a software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable,

Library Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Library Management System we provide is developed as a reasource planning system for any type of library. It’s basically made to track records of books owned, issued,

Doctor Directory Monthly pay 1000tk order

MyDoctor is a complete solution for searching doctors according to location and category. Doctor can register themselves dynamically by small registration fee by paypal

Billing & Accounting System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Billing makes the process of managing Invoices, Bank Accounts for business much easier. All of your Invoice, Inventory, Quotations, Bank Accounts and Customers managed

Inventory Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Business Inventory Management System is a PHP based web application that allows you to manage your invoicing and inventory on site. Service Sell by any Onetime Service

Human Resource & Payroll Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

HRM is designed for small scale business to manage employ activities and office expenses. This open source application written in CakePHP

Online Learning and Examination System Monthly pay 1000tk order

The MenorahOES is excellent for universities, colleges, schools, training institutes, organizations and recruitment agencies to conduct online exams. It also supports

Petrol Pump Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Our Petrol Pump Management System provides everything you need to enhance your Fuel business. Our Appliction is designed to manage Petrol Pump. Our application

Travel Agency & Tourism Management Monthly pay 1000tk order

Travo Travel Agency & Tourism Website Script is an Online Vacantion Package & Reservation System build in PHP and MySQL. “Travo” Has individual Vacation Gallery System

Hospital Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Hospital management system is a online patient management and Appointment , Scheduler application software

Laundry Service Monthly pay 1000tk order

Laundry Service PHP script helps you to launch fully functional laundry website. its works like plug & play

Insurance Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Insura is an Insurance Management system that allows insurance agencies to manage their policies, clients and send SMS/Email notification and messages

Gym Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order


EDU Expression Exam Pro Monthly pay 1000tk order

du Expression is built on Idea that Online examination systems can be far more convenient and performance oriented

Online BUS booking Monthly pay 1000tk order

True bus is an online bus ticket booking platform, built on PHP, mysql with Codeigniter framework this script is one of the best available across the country

Tailoring Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Tailor – Fashion Designer Management System is a complete solution for tailors and fashion designers

Stock Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Stock Management System is a simple stock /inventory /warehouse management application. It is designed in a very simple way to keep things minimal

Token Management System Monthly pay 1000tk order

Its a online token queue management system suitable for token dispensing machine. It is created using Laravel 5 PHP can be used in typing

Event Management Monthly pay 1000tk order

Viavi Event system is a simple and advanced script. It has so many features and it is suitable for any one who wants to create event based functionality

Employee Clock Attendance Monthly pay 1000tk order



University of Computer Science
Faculty of Computer Science, Information System, 2011 - present


University of Fine Arts
Faculty of Fine Arts, 2008-2010


School of Graphic Design
Envato School of Design , 2002 - 2008



Illutration Family

Reza Ahmed Faisol Choudhury head of media Adviser

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